How to install sinhala input scheme in Linux

Sayura Sinhala Input Scheme

you need internet connection to download the package files.
First load a terminal and input these codes step by step as follows.

*You must be the root to run these codes.
(In linux terminal type “sudo su” to open the root shell. And input your root password.)

1. echo deb jaunty main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sayura.list

2. apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys AAC62EDA

3. apt-get update

4. apt-get install scim /apt-get install scim-sayura

5. apt-get install ttf-sinhala-lklug scim scim-gtk2-immodule im-switch scim-m17n m17n-db m17n-contrib language-pack-si-base

6. then exit from root shell (or you can open a new terminal for step 7 )

type “ exit “ or hit “Ctrl+D”

7. type below code-

im-switch -z all_ALL -s scim-immodule

if the Unicodes installed successfully there should be no errors.

8. Then you should log out and log in.

then hit “Alt+f2” in your desktop to load Run application and type “scim-config-agent” and hit Run.

there you can configure the languages you need to use,
there are hundreds of languages. Select sinhala only if you want to use it.
Untick the rest of languages.

Then you are good to go.
You can jump between languages using “Ctrl+space_bar”.

*if the language wont change when hit “Ctrl+space_bar” run

im-switch -z all_ALL -s scim-immodule

again in the terminal and try loging out and log in .

Enjoy with Sinhala fonts. Be a proud sinhalese in Cyber space.



සිංහල යුනිකෝඩ් සමූහය - Sinhala Unicode Group ,
Sayura Sinhala Input Scheme


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