the convertion....

hola geeks,

yes, after long time. had been quite busy with ma under grad studies. had updated my wordpress blog.
i thought of converting this blog dimension into technology and communications rather than just entertainment stuff. hope you guys will like it. let me know what you guys think of it.
well it doesn’t mean that I'm gonna stop posting music and fun stuff at all.. ;)

Entertainment is what we really needs besides our carrier perspectives. In the sense of a geek culture we don’t need to stick only for geek stuff..

I really like to have fun when I am free from my studies…like listen to music, play games, chat with friends…..etc.

Yes, it’s been quite hard updating two blogs since I am busy with ma studies. But I’ll never give up, neither fed up of blogging..

So keep in touch fellas.. hope to let you guys know what I’ll update in this blog soon.

Till then chill…

Adios amigos……..


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