Google Plus or Face Book?

Recently the Big brother of the internet (Google) unveils its new social network Plus. There has been many discussions and argues formed whether Google plus is better than the good old social network Face Book. Me too joined Plus from an invitation of my friend. I have been using Face Book and Twitter for nearly 3 years now. I found Plus really competitive and stable than Face Book. This doesn’t mean that I have not been among the Face Book addicted web junkies out there. But I found Face Book quite unsecure space on the internet not only because Google search list “How to hack Face Book ?” first when we type only “How to…” on its search bar.
Lot of my friends Face Book accounts were hacked throughout these years. Fortunately I couldn’t be a victim yet. :D
And as we all know the stupid applications on Face Book cause serious privacy breach since they could access all our data on Face Book. I never found any of those applications cool, I don’t know why my friends like stupid apps such as Farm Ville, I hate when they send me app requests. :P
I find much more control over the things I share with people on Plus, since we can add the people to share with right at the bottom of status update bar. It’s kind of cool. We don’t need to create specific groups as in Face Book, instead we can create Circles on our own adding people into them. So that we can share anything with only the people we want, not with all in our friend lists.

And Plus provides https:// connectivity in order of http://, which enables encrypted communication. Though it’s really hard to get away from Face Book I prefer choosing Plus over Face Book cause I find Plus much cooler and flexible.

Still Plus is on its Trial version, I believe it’ll rise and shine more when it launches officially.
Plus also provides Sparks: where we can chat with things we like, with anyone over the internet who likes the same.

Hangouts: where we can have group video chat which is kind of cool, while Face Book comes up with video chat with the help of Skype after long talks. :)
Google has a good album management feature called Picasa , Since Plus using it the photo management will be much better than in Face Book.
There are so many reasons why Plus is better than Face Book.

If you think Google is lying search on Duck Duck Go :D

Will Zuckerberg loose the fight with Google?

Since some people still cannot get their ass off Face Book cause of it’s stupid time wasting games and Blue theme he will be fooling them for some time. For now he is the most followed person on Google Plus. :)

Some people cannot stand for the simple and serene White theme of Plus. May be Google might change its theme on the launch or not.

Face Book fans try Lame Book too, It’s kinda funny. :)

If you are a person who doesn’t like social networking, but still like to be in touch with your nerds, Plus will be the best. Lot of my geeky friends who deactivated their Face Book accounts has joined Plus. It’s your choice after all.

There has been trouble signing up since it’s on Trial version. 

Wanna try Plus? Get your invitation from a friend who is using Plus or keep you posted until launch via gmail.


  1. You should try
    Use my invite code HAKAN89

  2. im also convinced to check it out.. nicely done mahesh..its worth sharing :)

  3. me too feels that G+ is interesting than FB... me 2 looking forward for G+ arrival... 2 get new experience.......
    thanks alot for acknowledging us about this...

    Keep up the GOOD WORK..!!!

  4. hmmm.... facebook is having millions of users around da world.. the limitation og G+ is those who willing to make profile in G+ de shd hv 2 use a google account first. So wt will hpn 2 othr users like yahoo,hotmail...

  5. Thank you guys for your comments. @Theekshana, to get a G+ account we have to have a gmail account. It's just creating an account. You still can use whatever mail you like. :)


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