Google Plus or Face Book?

Recently the Big brother of the internet (Google) unveils its new social network Plus. There has been many discussions and argues formed whether Google plus is better than the good old social network Face Book. Me too joined Plus from an invitation of my friend. I have been using Face Book and Twitter for nearly 3 years now. I found Plus really competitive and stable than Face Book. This doesn’t mean that I have not been among the Face Book addicted web junkies out there. But I found Face Book quite unsecure space on the internet not only because Google search list “How to hack Face Book ?”first when we type only “How to…” on its search bar. Lot of my friends Face Book accounts were hacked throughout these years. Fortunately I couldn’t be a victim yet. :D And as we all know the stupid applications on Face Book cause serious privacy breach since they could access all our data on Face Book. I never found any of those applications cool, I don’t know why my friends like stupid apps such as …

How to join part files in linux and windows.

Hi guys, after long time thought of compiling a post about something we all need in our day to day life.
Most of my friends ask me every time how to join movie part files. So I thought summing that up will be useful for those who need guidance. Many movie download sites, forums now upload movies as part files. Since it's easy to upload smaller size parts than larger files. Not only movies, some softwares and games too come in part files. Since I prefer direct download than torrents I dedicate this to all my direct download fans out there.
There are many video formats exist on line as mkv, mp4, avi, rmvb..etc. I prefer mkv much since it supports small size and high quality.
Part files can be found as .001-00* or part1.rar-part*.rar format. ex- avatar.mkv.001.....004 avatar.avi.001....004 or avatar.part1.rar....part4.rar
these files can be split to many number of parts, not only 4. :)
In windows
If it's a rar file you can use WinRAR

or 7-Zip to join them.
If it's a …

Oracle Unveils Exalogic Elastic Cloud....

The World’s Only Integrated Middleware Machine Delivers Unprecedented Java Application Performance

The world’s first integrated middleware machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, was announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 by Oracle Chief Executive Officer, Larry Ellison.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an integrated hardware and software system engineered, tested, and tuned by Oracle to run Java and non-Java applications with extreme performance. The machine provides a complete cloud application infrastructure, consolidating the widest possible range of Java and non-Java application types and workloads and meeting the most demanding service-level requirements.

“Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is a complete system of servers, network, storage, VM, operating system and middleware, all engineered to work together,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. “This delivers stunning results, including the fastest Java performance, elastic capacity on demand and …

apple iPad

do I have anything else to explain?
This is the technology at our fingertips. what else we need?
Can browse internet, watch movies, read books and many more.... simply amazing.
Dawn of a New era for Multi-Touch devices.

Well you must visit apple iPad official site here for further details.

sun in to oracle

Ok guys I am back in the new year. This is gonna be a tough year for me with my uni last year studies.
Recently I got the news of purchasing sun Microsystems by Oracle.
And I checked the sun official site today. whoa...
it takes me to oracle official site. well no harm done yet for java.
since java development base is still there, but under oracle.

In the eye of SUN lovers (most of java lovers) might be desperate of the sudden change.
Oracle says that they completed the acquisition of sun Microsystems.
You can read the benefits here.

Read the press release here.

I wish that oracle will continue the java development carried by sun, like NetBeans and virtualBox .

well lets hope for the best.

~love java~

Happy New Year 2010….

2009 is almost gone. filled with lots of sweet and sad memories. wish you all a Happy New Year 2010. may all your dreams come true!!!wish you all Best Of Luck.
~ with love ~


PlexyDesk is a open source desktop manager which brings us a unique desktop experience than other desktop managers. Through bringing the social services into your desktop it helps to keep the browser away for a while. You can install it in Windows, Mac OS, Linux operating systems. Even it supports maemo phones such as Nokia N800, N900.

Since there are dozens of web services exist it's hard to integrate with all at once. PlexyDesk gives a solution for that using user friendly and cool widgets. It's a all new experience of widgets.
And a good change for traditional desktop environment.

Plexy will support multi touch screens. Aim of PlexyDesk team is to create "A Desktop which is easy to communicate, Create and Simply cool!"

It's simple to install. Uses very little resources in any OS.
It's a creation of Siraj Razick (the Developer and maintainer of KBFX) and the PlexyDesk team.

Hardware Requirements needed-

CPU: ARM or x86(32 bit 0r 64 bit)
RAM: 64 MB or more