sun in to oracle

Ok guys I am back in the new year. This is gonna be a tough year for me with my uni last year studies.
Recently I got the news of purchasing sun Microsystems by Oracle.
And I checked the sun official site today. whoa...
it takes me to oracle official site. well no harm done yet for java.
since java development base is still there, but under oracle.

In the eye of SUN lovers (most of java lovers) might be desperate of the sudden change.
Oracle says that they completed the acquisition of sun Microsystems.
You can read the benefits here.

Read the press release here.

I wish that oracle will continue the java development carried by sun, like NetBeans and virtualBox .

well lets hope for the best.

~love java~


  1. Get ready to prepare your tongue for "Oracle VirtualBox". :D

    Me too,.. let's hope the best.

  2. i wish that wont happen...but we can't stop it.


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